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Reserving and managing workplaces online

100% visibility of office occupation thanks to online desk booking with RICOH Spaces

When Visma | Raet decided to renovate its office, the organization began looking for a solution for online room booking. Then came Covid-19.

"Suddenly we were faced with the challenge of returning everyone safely to the office on time and in accordance with current guidelines.

Along the way, it became clear to us that we would need to follow a more hybrid approach to working. How can you make sure that you know who is coming into the office, and when, that there are enough workplaces and that colleagues can find one another quickly? We were looking for a solution that allowed employees to reserve a flexible workplace, or regular workplace, based on capacity available. And one that would allow us, as an organization, to have a clear overview of the occupancy level."

Finance and IT director, Tom van Dael

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