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Outsource repetitive tasks and focus on your core business

Business Process Services

Managing any business involves some degree of repetitive activity and administration essential to operating, such as invoicing, printing, scanning and posting. 
By outsourcing your mission-critical document processes to our expert facilities and cloud-based services, you can focus on your core business.
Ricoh’s Business Process Services take labour-intensive document management tasks off your hands and enable your transition to paperless working.
  • Improve customer experience
  • Accelerate your digital transformation
  • Optimise business processes
  • Boost productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Ease compliance
  • Reduce capital expenditure

We have more than 80 years of combined expertise in managing our customers’ most critical documents and workflows. Using our machine learning capability, we leverage all the insight from these customers to improve accuracy, increase automation and deliver a faster return on investment.

Through our extensive network of Global Shared Service Centres and market-leading strategic partnerships, we can provide a high level of standardisation via single ownership and administration.

Solutions & services

Invoice Automation Services


Gain control over cashflow and financial reporting

Paper-based invoices and manually-processed payments can lead to slow invoice and payment approvals, lack of visibility and inaccurate reporting. 
Organisations must reduce payment times to increase liquidity. They must also adhere to evolving tax legislation and ensure sufficient reporting capabilities to make more informed decisions – all while increasing efficiencies. 
Our Invoice Automation Services allow you to capture, process, approve and archive incoming invoices, reducing manual tasks, improving accuracy and speeding up processing by a factor of five. 
On the accounts receivable side, a single connection to our cloud-based, multi-channel output invoicing service provides standard physical output alongside cross-border legislation-compliant e-invoicing. Government hubs and open and closed business networks are all accessible.
  • Improve invoicing efficiency
  • Gain greater control and visibility of your cash position – minimise your time to pay and reduce DSO
  • Ensure cross border e-invoicing compliance
  • Increase flexibility and scalability
  • Manage costs through an as-a-service subscription model
  • Achieve a managed transition from physical to digital invoicing
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Mailroom Services


Reduce labour and costs

With the high cost of labour, manual, paper-based mailroom processes have become expensive to run, while the lack of content visibility reduces productivity across the organisation. Manual processes are also prone to human error and insufficient security.
With our Managed Mailroom Service, you can optimise communications, reduce manual handling of mail and ensure delivery to employees anywhere.
Offering a single source for mail management, we centralise and streamline the input and tracking of all inbound and outbound parcels across your organisation, ensuring complete traceability and compliance. 
By applying automated technology, we enable your company to access services from anywhere, anytime.
  • Save time and reduce mail processing costs 
  • Reduce human error
  • Ensure faster access to documents
  • Support flexible working for staff
  • Increase responsiveness to customer requests across multiple channels
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Outsourcing Services


Free your staff from repetitive tasks

Many organisations need to print and send large volumes of marketing and communication material. But this requires specialist equipment and expertise which many companies don’t have in-house as it’s expensive, requires real estate and is hard to keep updated with the latest technology.
Our omnichannel outsourcing services use state-of-the-art technology and expert staff to optimise print, postage, VAT or deliver customer communications via various digital channels.
  • Strengthen processes and reduce human error
  • Save significant marketing and communication costs
  • Increase agility and responsiveness to deliver a better customer experience
  • Use innovative capabilities to create more impactful communications
  • Make information more accessible 
We combine world-class hardware and software with expert personnel in consulting, implementing and delivering. Our process, which has been fine-tuned over many years and with thousands of customers, enables us to provide a managed or completely outsourced service on-site, off-site or in the cloud – utilising your own or our staff.
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Printing and Scanning Services


Process your inbound and outbound documents more efficiently

Large organisations of all kinds have documents coming and going through multiple channels at any given time. To reduce costs and increase productivity, many are on the path to paperless working to digitise all their documents and communications, including application forms, policy documents, contracts and much more.
Our fully-customisable managed Printing and Scanning Services let you outsource your document digitisation journey and optimise your incoming and outgoing processes.
Through our Global Production Centres located around the world, we scan your incoming documents, bring them to a secured zone, sort them by department or function, digitise and index them, making them easily accessible to everyone. 
You can also send documents to the printing factory via a secure environment, where they will be saved in the right format on our servers and sent to the right address through your preferred channel. 
  • Process documents faster and more securely
  • Increase your agility and customer responsiveness
  • Make information more easily accessible from anywhere
  • Ensure compliance
  • Support business continuity
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