Cybersecurity Solutions
cybersecurity solutions

Reduce your risk and exposure to malicious cyber threats

Cybersecurity Solutions

Organisations are facing a progressively complex and hostile security landscape where the impact of cyber attacks and data breaches is increasingly significant. Staying resilient is key to protecting your reputation, brand position and sensitive data, but developing a strong security position is a complex and cyclical process. 
A comprehensive way to protect your business 
Our range of cybersecurity solutions protects infrastructures, devices and users from external and internal cyber attacks. We provide risk assessments for large and small organisations across Europe, The Middle East and Africa (EMEA) proposing tailor-made, targeted solutions. Our certified team can also analyse, plan, implement and support cybersecurity projects. Thanks to our extensive partner alliance, we’re able to recommend agnostic, best-in-class solutions designed to solve your unique challenges. 

Solutions & Services

Data Protection


Keep your data safe and compliant with all relevant regulations

Your data is your most important asset, so it needs protection to the highest degree. 
In line with European and local regulations, we can help you define a conservation and data protection strategy for your sensitive information, from patents and industrial secrets to customer information and economic data.
Enabling data protection across the data lifecycle 
We assist in data discovery, collection, sharing, protecting, archiving and deletion to enable data privacy and protection across the data lifecycle. We can also help your organisation build sustainable, scalable programmes designed around strategic principles that address operational and regulatory requirements.    
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Email and Web Security


Block threats before they get to your inbox

Cyber attacks are often activated unwittingly by users themselves. A quick click on a fake link in an email or web browser can lead to disastrous phishing attacks. Using predictive analytics, we can block any attacks before they reach the user. Our email security solutions include internal training to further minimise the risk of email and web attacks. 
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Protect your files and hardware from malicious attacks

The adoption of an antivirus system forms the very basis of cyber protection. Constantly updating and activating the system on devices is the first line of defence against viruses and corrupt files. We offer a range of market-leading antivirus solutions for businesses of all sizes.
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Take your network security to the next level

Protecting your company’s technological boundaries is key to protecting your entire IT infrastructure – and your firewall is your front door, filtering what enters and exits your company’s data streams. 
Available as appliances or virtually, our firewall solutions offer granular traffic control, monitoring the incoming and outgoing traffic from the corporate private network to the public one. With the adoption of these best-in-class tools, every communication can be well identified, traced and configured. 
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Cloud Security


Adopt cloud in total safety

Cloud-based systems are always connected, continuously updated and guarantee access to information from anywhere. That’s why it’s essential to adopt all the necessary strategies to ensure cloud security.  
Cloud security is the set of technologies, protocols and best practices that protect cloud-computing environments, the applications they run on and the data they contain. Its duties include keeping all data within the entire online infrastructure, including applications and platforms, private and secure.
End-to-end cloud security 
With our cloud security solutions, we can help you define, plan, execute and support all components of cloud security, including physical networks, data storage, data server, IT virtualisation infrastructures, Operating Systems (OS), middleware, applications and end user hardware. The objective: to help you adopt cloud in total safety. 
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Authentication Security


Keep sensitive information within your team

Verifying the identity of a user, process or device is a prerequisite for allowing access to resources in an information system. Authentication is the process of verifying whether someone (or something) is who (or what) they claim to be. 
The best authentication solutions and expertise 
We offer the best technological authentication security solutions for managing the authentication process based on customer requirements and IT infrastructure. Our specialist team designs, implements and supports the most complex authentication systems including: 
  • Multi-factor
  • Certificate-based
  • Biometric
  • Token-based
By identifying users, you can limit your exposure to data theft and corruption and attain the right level of protection, ensuring that only the right authorised people are attempting to access company assets.  
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Ransomware Security


Your last line of defence against ransomware attacks

Cybercriminals have turned to ransomware as the ultimate tool for attacking and extorting money from companies. Traditional antivirus and threat detection methods have proven ineffective against such attacks. 
Comprehensive ransomware protection 
We analyse your current infrastructure and implement world-class threat detection and response systems, providing comprehensive ransomware security protection against advanced cyber attacks. Thanks to these "sentinel" tools, we can detect and block threats during the entire lifecycle of an attack.
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