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Warranty Terms and Conditions

We are pleased that you have chosen one of the below Ricoh Products!

Ricoh Products: See Annex 1

Terms of Warranty

Nothing contained herein will affect your statutory rights against the person from whom you bought the device, under your contract of sale.

Ricoh offers a warranty for the Ricoh Products in Annex 1, from date of purchase, for the Warranty Period set out in Annex 1 (“Warranty Period”).  This warranty is a supplemental contract between you and Ricoh, the manufacturer.  This warranty does not affect your statutory rights under applicable national legislation.

More information on the warranty is provided below.

1. RICOH Europe SCM B.V. ("Ricoh"), grants the end user ("You") in relation to your Ricoh Product, a warranty from the date of purchase, for the Warranty Period, on the following conditions:

  • You must notify Ricoh of the warrantee claim by:
    a) the Ricoh hotline at
    +44 (0)1634 910 005
    b) the following e-mail address:

  • When reporting the warrantee issue the end user must provide the following information:
    a) Serial number of the Ricoh Product
    b) Place and date of purchase;
    c) Complete statement of the name and address;
    d) Phone number and - if available – Fax; and
    e) E-mail address (if available). 

  • Ricoh reserves the right to demand from You the original purchase receipt of the Ricoh Product. Please note that the place and date of purchase must be indicated legibly.

2. Where incomplete or incorrect information is provided, You shall not be entitled to warranty services, meaning that all services provided by Ricoh at your request may be chargeable. Where relevant, Ricoh reserves the right to ask You for your bank or credit card details and to debit your account for the relevant costs.  Ricoh will agree any applicable costs with You before carrying out any services.

3. The warranty services will be carried out either directly by Ricoh or by third parties commissioned by Ricoh within the service hours: Monday - Friday 09.00 - 17.00, except on public holidays.

Ricoh will use reasonable endeavours to provide the Service within four (4) working days after receipt of the notification of the warranty from You.

First attempts to determine the cause of the defect or fault on the Ricoh Product shall be undertaken by phone or by electronic data transmission (i.e. e-mail), with the aim of resolving the issue. Ricoh reserves the right to send replacement parts or units to You so that You can fix the faulty Ricoh Product through instruction via telephone or electronic data transmission. If this is not successful, Ricoh will repair or replace the Ricoh Product, at its option.

The replacement Ricoh Product shall be supplied without accessories and supplies.

All parts and Ricoh Products replaced under this warranty shall become the property of Ricoh.

The replacement/repaired Ricoh Product shall be warranted for such amount of the original Warranty Period as remains from the day you purchased the original Ricoh Product (if any).

4. The warranty covers such defects or errors which arise out of the normal usage of the Ricoh Product or which were already present at the point of purchase.  This warranty does not cover defects or faults that result from:

  • improper use;
  • incorrect or inadequate maintenance, especially by non-authorized service provider;
  • wilful or negligent damage;
  • power surges, including lightning;
  • insufficient ventilation, according to the operating conditions of the Ricoh Product; or
  • the use of consumables that do not originate from Ricoh and are not suitable due to the technical specifications applicable to the Ricoh Product.

In the above cases, Ricoh reserves the right to charge You for repair services.

5. This warranty does not cover the following:

  • periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of spare parts;
  • Software / Software Components;
  • Foreign products, in particular foreign toner cartridges; or
  • Consumables.

6. The warranty is limited to:

  • Ricoh Products purchased by You in the United Kingdom where You reside in a country within the European Union; and
  • Ricoh Products purchased by You in a European Union country, where You reside in the United Kingdom.

7. Nothing contained in this warranty shall have the effect of restricting or excluding the liability of Ricoh:

a) for fraud;
b) for death and personal injury caused by the negligence of Ricoh;
c) under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 to a person who has suffered damage caused by a defective Ricoh Product or to a dependent or relative of such a person; or
d) for direct damage to your property caused by the proven negligence of Ricoh.

As far as the law allows, Ricoh shall not be liable to You, whether in contract, tort (including but not limited to negligence) or otherwise for any of the following types of losses:

a) compensation for lost media;
b) loss of profits;
c) loss of revenue;
d) loss of or depletion to goodwill;
e) loss of use of or damage to data or software;
f) infection of or damage or interference caused to any computer operating systems or programmes (or part thereof);
g) loss or damage resulting from an action brought by a third party; and/or
h) any special, indirect or consequential loss;

regardless of whether or not any such losses were foreseeable and/or Ricoh had been advised of the possibility of You incurring such losses.

It is your responsibility to ensure that when returning your Ricoh Product to Ricoh you remove all media and personal property which may be contained within the Ricoh Product as Ricoh assumes no responsibility for the safe keeping or return of such media.

8. This warranty and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

Annex 1: Ricoh Products

Warranty Period: 2 Years for below ProductsWarranty Period: 1 Year for below Products

SG K3100DN

SP 112

SP 150

SP 201N

SP 201Nw

SP 211

SP 213W

SP 311DN

SP 311DNw

SP 3600DN

SP 4510DN

SP 6430DN

SP 112SF

SP 112SU

SP 150SU

SP 203S

SP 203SF

SP 204SF


SP 204SFNw

SP 204SN

SP 211SF

SP 211SU





SP 311SFNw

SP 3600SF

SP 3610SF

SP 4510SF

SG 3100SNW


SG 3120BSFNw




SG 2100N

SG 3110DN

SG 3110DNW

SG 7100DN








SP 150SUw

SP 150w

SP 400DN

SP 450DN

SP 220Nw

SP 220SNw

SP 220SFNw

SP 277NwX

SP 277SNwX



SP 325DNw

SP 325SNw

SP 325SFNw

SP 377DNwX


SP 5300DN

SP 5310DN




SP C260DNw

SP C261DNw

SP C262DNw


SP 230DNw

SP 230SFNw

SP 330DN

SP 330SN


SP 5300DN

SP 5310DN




SP C360SNw

Ri 100

SP 3710DN

SP 3710SF