RICOH Carbon Balanced Service


RICOH Carbon Balanced Service

Accelerate your sustainability with carbon-balanced printing

Sustainable emissions reduction

At a critical time for our planet, how can we accelerate climate action?               At Ricoh, we’re committed to helping you lower your environmental impact and achieve your sustainability goals through our Carbon Balanced Service. By offsetting the lifetime carbon footprint of your print infrastructure and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, this simple and cost-effective service add-on to your print purchase makes it easier to streamline carbon management. 

Using our EcoLeaf Carbon Footprint Declaration data for quantifying the whole lifecycle carbon impact of your print device, we offer you the purchase of certified carbon emissions reduction credits. The credits are used to offset the environmental impact and carbon balance your print infrastructure throughout its entire projected lifecycle. 

Every credit purchase supports climate action projects, such as renewable energy initiatives and reforestation – actively reducing emissions and helping you achieve your sustainability goals.  

How we offset our carbon footprint at Ricoh 

As well as creating energy-efficient printing devices that align with industry standards, we prioritise sustainability at every stage of our manufacturing processes – from using recycled materials and by incorporating eco-optimised principles across the entire lifecycle of our devices. 

While it may be challenging to completely eliminate office emissions, our Carbon Balanced Service addresses any unavoidable carbon impact of Ricoh print solutions, effectively offsetting the lifetime emissions.  


More than just carbon emissions reduction 

While most offset programs only focus on simple emissions avoidance, Ricoh’s Carbon Balanced Service offers emissions offset credits, which adhere to the Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting.  

Our credits include a combination of both carbon avoidance and removal schemes, setting a new and effective standard for impactful climate action. 

How does Carbon Balance Service works?
IDCReport Sustainability

Ricoh is positioned as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Sustainability Programs and Services Hardcopy 2023.

IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Sustainability Programs and Services Hardcopy 2023

Supported projects

Making a sustainable impact

We offset your print devices in partnership with the Anthesis B.V. For every credit you purchase, funds go towards carefully selected climate action and carbon removal projects that are certified by Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). Gold Standard is the most stringent certification  for carbon offsetting projects and the only standard which verifies a project’s sustainable development aspects.

Empowering India with clean energy

As India's energy needs soar, shifting the focus from fossil fuels to wind power. This climate action project, delivered by the Climate Neutral Group, brings clean energy to rural communities via wind turbines, drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We're swapping coal and oil for a breath of fresh air.

Biochar carbon storage

While reducing our emissions is essential, the excess carbon in the atmosphere also must be sequestered. Biochar is a material made from organic matter that stores carbon safely for centuries. This project, certified by the Finnish standard, is dedicated to creating biochar and using it to enrich soils and the environment.

Transforming kitchens and health in Uganda

A third of the world cooks over open fires, and most of these are indoors. This is harmful to the health of people and planet. Our sustainability project transforms this by investing in the local manufacture and distribution of cleaner, cost-effective cookstoves.