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Hosted Fax

Move away from the hassle of conventional faxing with Ricoh’s Hosted Fax solution. This cost-efficient service enables easy, secure internet faxing direct from a user-friendly interface on your Multifunctional Product (MFP) or via your desktop. Hosted Fax offers businesses the total simplicity and reassurance of sending, receiving, and managing faxes just like email.

  • Minimise capital investment and reduce fax call charges with a hosted fax service
  • Integrating faxing into your email workflow means you never need to miss a fax
  • Send and receive faxes simultaneously by email
  • Simplified MFP user panel makes faxing easier than ever before
  • Access unlimited capacity
  • Reap the cost and efficiency benefits of cloud computing
Features & benefits

Total Simplicity
A simplified Graphical User Interface (GUI) on Ricoh MFPs allows faxes to be sent in the traditional way, by inputting a telephone number rather than the number plus an email address, unlike other hosted fax solutions. This makes Hosted Fax from Ricoh efficient and intuitive. Additionally, LDAP directories can be accessed at the MFP making faxing as fast and as easy as email.

Increased Security
A hosted fax solution is more secure than traditional faxing as confidentiality over sensitive information can be maintained and faxes can be managed in the same way as emails, in compliance with company document control and IT policies. Inbound faxes no longer stack up at a machine waiting to be distributed to the intended recipient or are lost due to a paper jam or memory overload; users no longer need to spend time waiting for confirmation that outbound faxes have reached their destination as their email box is pinged with a transmission report.

Reduced Fax Costs
Hosted Fax offers a new payment model. Call charges are significantly reduced as conventional billing models are eliminated. Capex is minimised as a dedicated fax server is no longer required. Instead Hosted Fax offers page packages whereby a quantity of fax pages are purchased, which includes the cost for hosting and internet services into the page cost

Streamlined Productivity
Seamless integration with email and desktop allows multiple file types to be attached to outbound faxes. Automating the fax process and integrating fax documents into a digital workflow enables businesses to save time and reduce paper handling, whilst ensuring the right people have access to the right information, on-time.

Hosted Solution
Ricoh’s Hosted Fax solution reduces the need for capital expenditure by utilising a 3rd party fax server accessed via the internet. This offers businesses unlimited capacity and lower operating costs as the internet is used to transmit data rather than traditional telephone lines. Additionally, no upgrades or maintenance is required and businesses can view their fax traffic on a secure web portal.