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Meet some of the faces behind our success.

Spokespeople Ricoh South Africa

Jacques van Wyk

Jacques van Wyk

Chief Operation Officer - Ricoh South Africa

Jacques van Wyk was appointed COO of Ricoh SA in September 2014 where he is responsible for rolling out the strategy for Ricoh to become a services-led organisation and leading Ricoh’s operational relationships with its clients and customers. He was formerly Executive General Manager of Ricoh SA’s Direct and Indirect Channel Operations where he led Ricoh’s relationships with its clients and customers in both operations and maintained strategic focus on indirect channel alignment, development and expansion. Van Wyk joined Ricoh SA in 2008 as the Executive General Manager of Indirect Operations for five years and eight months during which time he was responsible for winning Ricoh South Africa’s Best Contribution to IT Distribution Channel Development 2013 and the Sales Director Award - Ricoh Best manager for 2010 and 2011. He has more than 22 years experience in the document management and imaging industry that extends back to 1993.

Robert Janssen

Robert Janssen

Director of Direct Sales Operations - Ricoh South Africa

Robert Janssen is Director of Direct Sales Operations at Ricoh SA responsible for sales activities, the branches of Cape Town, Durban, Vaal and Johannesburg, as well as the Enterprise Services Group. He joins the company in March 2015 from Ricoh International BV based in Amstelveen in Netherlands where he was Managed Document Services Sales Manager. Janssen joined the Ricoh Group in 2008 when it acquired IKON, where he worked as Global Account Relationship Executive and was responsible for day-to-day relationships within FG500 accounts. He became Sales Manager of Ricoh International in December 2011. Janssen has a degree in digital communication and specialises in helping customers successfully implement Ricoh service offerings by aligning people, processes and technology.

David Hallas

David Hallas

Director of Indirect Channel Operations - Ricoh South Africa

David Hallas is Director of Indirect Channel Operations at Ricoh SA where he leads the expansion strategy that takes Ricoh SA into sub-Saharan Africa. He is also responsible for 24 business partners and operations and activities in 11 countries in Southern Africa. Hallas believes that Ricoh’s strong international R&D capabilities and facilities, manufacturing presses and policies, and globally competitive supply chain system, make the company a favourable contender in the emerging African economy. He joined the business in 2014 to take the helm of Indirect Operations left vacant by Jacques van Wyk. He was previously acting Managing Director of Nashua Limited and has been active in the document management and imaging industry since 1991 during which times he has occupied various product, marketing and sales positions.

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