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Ricoh Projector
Entry Projectors

These multi-purpose meeting room projectors are an economical option for organisations with basic needs and limited budgets. Notable for their reliability and ease of use, they also feature a money-saving Eco Mode that cuts power consumption and extends lamp-life by 33% for a low total cost of ownership.

Ultra Short Throw Projector PJ WX4130 Thumbnail
Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Combining a space-saving upright design and Ricoh’s innovative free-form mirror system, the PJWX4141 / PJWX4141N/ PJWX4141NI brings cutting edge projector technology to the smallest spaces.

High-End Projectors

The Ricoh PJX6181N / PJWU6181N combines versatile connectivity with the ease of use and simple management demanded by businesses, schools, universities, hospitals, museums and conference centres.

Standard Projectors

The Ricoh PJ X5361N / PJ X5371N are supremely versatile projectors. Extensive connectivity options and powerful management features combine with outstanding image quality and great ease of use to satisfy the diverse needs of private and public sector organisations.

PJ X4240N_PJ WX4240N Short Throw Projector Thumbnail
Short Throw Projectors

The Ricoh PJ X4241N/PJ WX4241N make lessons and presentations more engaging and memorable. Combining short throw lenses and a ground-breaking ‘Rear Front’ design, the network projectors bring a personal touch to learning and collaboration.

Desk Edge Projectors - X3340N, WX3340, WX3340N
Desk Edge Projectors

The Ricoh PJ X3351 series is designed to make meetings more productive. In addition to the benefits of table front operation, the projectors offer outstanding image quality and ease of use.