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Patient Workflow Management

The healthcare sector, like so many others, is fast migrating to digital workflows and there is a growing need to streamline processes so that more time and attention can be given to patients.

Ricoh’s Patient Workflow Management is a self-service solution that allows healthcare organisations to automate patient registration and check-in processes. Instead of waiting in reception queues, patients can both register and check themselves in at a kiosk when they arrive at the hospital or practice.

This works to dramatically cut down on unnecessary waiting times and helps healthcare practitioners handle appointments more efficiently. At the press of a button, patients can check in for their appointments and doctors are instantly alerted that they have arrived and are waiting.

Key features & benefits

Ricoh’s Patient Workflow Management solution automates the patient registration and check-in process and allows for:

  • An improved level of patient care as staff is freed from time-consuming administrative duties
  • Reduced waiting time and frustration as patients know what to expect
  • Efficient appointment handling using a more accurate identification process
  • Greater data accuracy and fewer errors associated with manual data capture
  • Improved security and confidentiality as personal information is input by patients themselves

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