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eRecord Mobile

Image filing is a labour intensive process. The nurse takes a picture of a patient operation or wound and then writes up notes. A second person then manually adds the information to the hospital’s document management system and associates it with the patient’s file.

Ricoh’s eRecord Mobile automates the process. Staff simply take a photo using Ricoh’s easy to use, sturdy industry-leading camera and securely upload it to the hospital system over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Patient barcodes, read from the patient wristband or bed, are included in the image metadata and photos are automatically allocated to the correct patient file.

This simple process allows this essential image filing task to be performed efficiently and dramatically reduces the margin for error. The information is then integrated into the hospital systems for staff to access and respond to quickly.

The solution also includes a tablet to allow nurses to take and upload notes on the go so that up to date patient information is available across the hospital network as soon as it’s captured. And the camera itself is easy to disinfect with ethanol or sodium hypochlorite.

Key features & benefits

Ricoh’s eRecord Mobile offers a fast, accurate way to capture and share vital patient information. The solution directly impacts the quality of patient care by speeding up the process of recording image information and allowing it to be accessed almost immediately by staff across the hospital.

The solution facilitates:

  • An improved quality of patient service through rapid data dissemination
  • More time for patient care by staff who are freed up from administrative duties
  • Reduced margin for error and more accurate documentation
  • Added security as scanned and captured data is transmitted directly to the correct hospital system
  • A reduction in paper waste and the associated costs

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