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eRecord Connect

Ricoh’s eRecord Connect is a one-button document management solution that lets you quickly and easily digitise your medical information. Once digitised, your documents are made available to existing Electronic Health Record and other computerised patient record systems within your infrastructure.

Our secure solution directly helps you boost your patient care levels as patient information is now easily accessible wherever you need it and can be accessed through a number of devices. The digitised information is automatically associated with the correct patient record and record retrieval is fast and accurate.

Key features & benefits

eRecord Connect gives medical practitioners access to accurate information when they need it most, allowing for more timely, better informed patient treatment.

This powerful solution is helping medical practices to:

  • Improve the quality and speed of patient care
  • Spend more time on patient care and less on administrative duties
  • Make sense of a growing number of data sources
  • Address patient confidentiality needs with a secure data capture and integration framework
  • Cut document-related costs and improve information-sharing efficiency across the organisation
  • Reduce the risk of human error associated with manual data input

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