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Communication Services

Ricoh’s Communication Services offer tailored collaboration solutions to help you seamlessly facilitate dialogue between your employees, partners and customers. Whether you’re looking for real time information sharing, a virtual help desk, professional conferencing facilities or targeted digital signage, we can design, deliver and support the tools you need to do better business.


Today, technology is radically transforming the way we collaborate. Supercollaboration, from Ricoh, is a platform that empowers people, places and assets by enabling them to work to the same beat, regardless of distance and complexity.


Ricoh Cognitive Whiteboard

Ricoh Cognitive Whiteboard

Ricoh is shaking up the way teams collaborate and innovate. Imagine drawing and annotating ideas live with participants everywhere, automatically translating into several languages in the process. Gone are flip charts and sticky notes. The Ricoh Cognitive Whiteboard will even manage your agenda, summarising actions and notes, allowing your teams to focus on true innovation.

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