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Document Governance

Whether you’re a small local business or an expanding multinational, the way you manage your documents has a direct impact on how efficiently you do business.

Ricoh’s Document Governance service is here to help you take control of the management and monitoring of your document environment. We offer an integrated, scalable suite of applications and tools that work together to simplify your document governance.

Alongside meeting security, sustainability and compliance objectives, our customers have realised up to 40% direct operational costs savings after implementing our solution.

Our Document Governance service is here to advance your document processes by:

  • Monitoring the use of your devices
  • Managing user access and printing activity with authentication and quota setting
  • Improving document security with robust user authentication
  • Ensuring you meet regulatory compliance with accurate reporting
  • Enhancing efficiency by converting paper documents to digital for fast electronic distribution
  • Improving business productivity with personal document workflows

All this is delivered through an intuitive user interface that lets you manage your processes and all the devices on your network via a single-window management tool.

Key features & benefits

Ricoh’s Document Governance service is scalable and can be tailored to your environment. We offer full support every step of the way and help you monitor and update your processes as your needs change.

Our integrated management suite will help you:

Reduce operational costs

  • Maximise procurement efficiency with an all-in-one application suite from a single vendor
  • Use quotas to enforce maximum usage of devices and ensure the most cost-effective settings
  • Reduce operational expenditure and save time by simplifying management, monitoring and control for IT administrators
  • Increase staff efficiency with a unified user interface
  • Improve processes
  • Make it easy for staff to scan and distribute documents digitally to improve company-wide document access and workflow
  • Increase accuracy and improve collaboration and productivity by making information quickly available

Protect sensitive documents

  • Keep confidential documents away from unauthorised viewing with the document release feature that restricts output to document owners
  • Merge vulnerable paper documents into secure digital workflows

Simplify complex compliance issues

  • Fulfil the need for well documented and consistent processes
  • Use accurate and comprehensive tracking for proof of compliance
  • Track user job log for audit purposes

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