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Contract Management

Ricoh’s Contract Management solution creates a secure and easily managed central electronic archive that provides real-time access to up-to-date documentation.

Centralising your contract storage means you have greater levels of control over this vital documentation. Contracts are easy to manage and find and document security is enhanced.

Our Contract Management solution lets you capture documents into indexed files and store them in secure folders where they can be accessed by authorised users. Contacts and Service Level Agreements are quick and easy to find and are no longer at risk from being misplaced or misfiled.

Key features & benefits

Our solution lets you take control of your contract document management and offers you:

Easy access to confidential information

  • Print documents are easily converted and indexed to be readily searchable
  • High quality information management places vital information at your fingertips for quick decisions and strong negotiating positions

Improved security

  • The role-based system access allows you to easily manage who can access documents
  • User logging and audit trails track user visits and facilitate compliance with regulations
  • Regular backups protect business continuity and safeguard information from loss

Increased efficiency

  • Digital workflow helps facilitate accuracy and reduces the chance of contracts being misplaced or misfiled
  • Optical Character Recognition functionality quickly and accurately digitises text
  • Centralised electronic storage provides efficient document access
  • Check-in/check-out services ensures document version control so you always have access to the latest information

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