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Manual of Ricoh South Africa (Proprietary) Limited

(formerly NRG Gestetner South Africa (Pty) Ltd) Registration no: 1960/000915/07 (the “Company”) Prepared in terms of section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, No.2 of 2000. (the “Act”)

1. Introduction

The Company imports and sells the latest technology multi-functional and copier machines, digital duplicators, printers, wide format printers, and production printing machines. In addition, the Company supplies document and information management software, as well as comprehensive technical IT services, which compliments the equipment to provide a total document solution for any business environment.

The Company provides a complete maintenance support service, as well as all consumable requirements, for all products sold.

The Company conducts business through two main channels – an indirect or distributor channel, and a direct sales channel.

The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ricoh Europe Holdings PLC – a Public Listed Company, in London, United Kingdom.

2. Company contact details

All correspondence and requests must be addressed to the “Financial Director”.

2.1 Postal address:
P O Box 2578

2.2 Street address:
Eastwood Office Park
11B Riley Road
Bedfordview Ext 328

2.3 Switchboard number:
011 723 5000

2.4 Facsimile number:
011 723 5100

2.5 Website:

2.6 Email address:

3. The section 10 Guide on how to use the Act (section 51(1)(b) of the Act)

3.1 The Act grants a requester access to records of a private body, if the record is required for the exercise or protection of any rights. If a public body lodges a request, the public body must be acting in the public interest.

3.2 Requests in terms of the Act must be made in accordance with the prescribed procedures and at the rates provided.

3.3 Requesters are referred to the Guide in terms of section 10 of the Act, which has been compiled by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), which will contain information for the purposes of exercising constitutional rights. The Guide is available from the SAHRC.

3.4 The contact details of the SAHRC are:
Postal address: Private Bag, 2700, Houghton, 2041
Telephone number: +27 11 877 3600
Fax number: +27 11 403 0625

4. Access to the records of the Company

4.1 In terms of section 50 of the Act, a requester must be given access to any record of a private body if –

(a) that record is required for the exercise or protection of any rights;
(b) that person complies with the procedural requirements of the Act relating to a request for access to that record; and
(c) access to such record is not refused in terms of any ground for refusal as  contemplated in Chapter 4 (sections 62 to 70) of the Act.

When the requester is a public body requesting access to a record for the exercise or protection of any rights, other than its rights, then it must be acting in the public interest.

4.2 A requester must submit the request in the prescribed format - Form C, which is attached to Government Notice R187 dated 15 February 2002. The notice is available at the website or under Regulations at

4.2.1 The Company will within 30 days of receipt of the request, decide whether to grant or decline the request and give notice with reasons (if required) to that effect.
4.2.2 The 30 day period may be extended for a further period of not more than 30 days if the request is for a large amount of information, or the request requires a search for information held in storage and the information cannot reasonably be obtained within the first 30 day period. The Company will notify the requestor in writing should an extension be required.

4.3 A requester will be required to pay the applicable prescribed fee(s) as laid down in the Government Notice.

4.4 Requesters should contact the SAHRC for further information. 

5. Applicable Legislation

5.1 Arbitration Act, 1965;
5.2 Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997;
5.3 Close Corporations Act, 1984;
5.4 Companies Act, 2008;
5.5 Copyright Act, 1978;
5.6 Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Health Diseases Act, 1993;
5.7 Consumer Protection Act, 2008
5.8 Competition Act, 1998
5.9 Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 Act, 1977
5.10 Employment Equity Act, 1998;
5.11 Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002;
5.12 Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002;
5.13 Income Tax Act, 1962;
5.14 Labour Relations Act, 1995;
5.15 Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993;
5.16 Pension Funds Act, 1956
5.17 Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act 2004
5.18 Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000;
5.19 Protected Disclosures Act 2000
5.20 Skills Development Act, 1998

5.21 Skills Development Levies Act, 1999
5.22 Minimum Requirements for the Handling Classification and Disposal  of Hazardous Waste 1998
5.23 National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008
5.24 National Environmental Management Act,1998
5.25 Unemployment Insurance Act 2001; and
5.26 Value Added Tax Act, 1991.

6. Schedule of records (section 51(1)(d) of the Act)

6.1 Classification Key

Classification NoAccessClassification
1May be disclosedPublic Access Document
2May not be disclosedRequested for the purpose of criminal or civil proceedings, or requested after commencement of criminal or civil proceedings [s7]
3May be disclosedSubject to copyright
4Limited disclosurePersonal information that belongs to the requester of that information [s61]
5May not be disclosedUnreasonable disclosure of personal information of natural person [s63(1)]
6May not be disclosedLikely to harm the commercial or financial interests of third party [s64(a)(b)]
7May not be disclosedLikely to harm the Company or third party in contract or other negotiations [s64(c)]
8May not be disclosedWould breach a duty of confidence owed to a third party in terms of an agreement [s65]
9May not be disclosedLikely to compromise the safety of individuals or protection of property [s66]
10May not be disclosedLegally privileged document [s67]
11May not be refusedEnvironmental testing / investigation which reveals public safety / environmental risks [s64(2); s68(2)]
12May not be disclosedCommercial information of Private Body [s68]
13May not be disclosedLikely to prejudice research and development information of the Company or a third party [s69]
14May not be refusedDisclosure in public interest [s70]
6.2 Company Records Classification
DepartmentSubjectClassification No
Marketing/CommunicationsMedia Releases1
Social Responsibility1
Product Brochures1
Marketing Strategies12
Customer Database12
Product Sales Records12
Market Information12, 13
Pricing Policy and Procedures12
Human ResourcesStaff Records4, 5, 9, 10
Employment Contracts4, 5, 10
Policies and Procedures4
Financial ServicesFinancial Statements12
Financial and Tax Records12
Asset Register12
Management Accounts12
Banking Information12
Insurance Information12
Administration ServicesCustomer Contracts Records8, 12
Invoicing and Financing Information12
Legal/Company/SecretarialStatutory Records12
General Contract Information6, 8, 12
Environmental/Safety/HealthEnvironmental Policy1
Environmental Records11, 14
Health and Safety Records1, 4, 5, 8, 11
Quality Control Records1
LogisticsImportation Information12
Production / Inventory Information12

TQMStrategy Information12
Business Plan Information12
Company Vision, Mission, Core Values1
Key Performance Information12
Information Security Management System (ISMS)ISMS Policy1
ISMS Management System1
Statement of Applicability1
ISMS Records1, 8, 9, 12

7. Form of request (section 51(1)(e))

7.1 To facilitate the processing of your request, kindly:

7.1.1 Use the prescribed Form C attached to this manual and available on the website of the South African Human Rights Commission at
7.1.2 Address your request to the Financial Director of the Company.
7.1.3 Provide sufficient details to enable the Company to identify: The record(s) requested; The requester (and if an agent is lodging the request, proof of capacity); The form of access required; The postal address or fax number of the requester in the Republic of South Africa; If the requester wishes to be informed of the decision in any manner (in addition to written) the manner and particulars thereof; and The right which the requester is seeking to exercise or protect within an explanation of the reason the record is required to exercise or protect that right.

8. Prescribed fees (section 51(1)(f))

8.1 The following applies to requests (other than personal requests):

8.1.1 A requester is required to pay the prescribed fee(s) (R50.00) before a request will be processed;
8.1.2 If the preparation of the record requested requires more than the prescribed hours (six (6)), a deposit will be paid (of not more than one third of the access fee which would be payable if the request were granted);
8.1.3 A requester may lodge an application with a court against the tender/payment of the request fee and/or deposit;
8.1.4 Records may be withheld until the fees have been paid; and
8.1.5 The fee structure is available on the website of the SAHRC (

9. Other information as may be prescribed

9.1 The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development has not prescribed any regulations in this regard.

10. Availability of the manual

10.1 This manual is also available for inspection during office hours at the offices of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa free of charge. Copies are available from the SAHRC.

Section 51 PAIA Manual

Ricoh Europe SCM BV (South African Satellite Office)