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Business Solutions

At Ricoh, we specialise in developing and integrating end-to-end technologies that help organisations respond to ever-changing workstyles.​

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Transform your digital workspace to enhance your employees' experience, promote collaboration and innovation.
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Streamline your business processes and drive employee engagement and productivity with faster and cost-effective ways of working.​
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Gain access to the right print technology and expertise, empowering your employees to efficiently create, store and print information.​
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​Modernise and consolidate your IT infrastructure, automate tasks and transform your business operations.
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Secure your IT infrastructure with our expert solutions and build resilience in your organisation.
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Transition to digital printing and deliver more sustainable, cost-effective choices to your customers.
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Products and Services

We provide a complete range of solutions designed to help streamline your business processes to increase efficiency and enhance productivity within your organisation.

DTG printers for mass customisation of apparel and accessories, like T-shirts, socks and bags.
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Services tailored to your work environment, empowering you to automate tasks and create a positive workplace experience.
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Recreational and professional imaging equipment, with a long standing brand heritage.
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Count on genuine Ricoh ink, toner, parts and supplies for outstanding printer performance and find the supplies you need for your Ricoh devices.
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Your support hub

All the product and service support you need in one place. We provide support, advice and solutions to keep your business up and running.

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Use our self-service portals to submit meter readings, download of drivers & software and more.
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Manage your devices online through the One Ricoh Portal from tracking usage, placing service requests, order toner supplies and more.
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Return toners & counterfeit​
Return and recycle your used toners and purchase genuine supplies, directly from us.
Find the closest Ricoh dealers in your area
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Keep up-to-date

Find out everything about our business news, product innovations along with the events we’re hosting and attending.

All news​
Learn what's new at Ricoh with news & updates that transform the workplace.
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Attend our upcoming events and discover how we can help you create a more efficient and collaborative workplace.
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About us

At Ricoh, we endeavor to always listen to our customers and provide you with innovative solutions, products and services that align with your business goals. We strive to add value to your services and products. We adapt to changing business climates.

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Environmental, Health & Safety product information

Our products all comply with international and national environmental, health and safety standards.

In addition to the requirements covered by law, you will find other environmental information here to enable you to get the best from your Ricoh product and to understand our ESG commitments.

Declarations of Conformity (DoC)

An EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) is a mandatory document that each manufacturer (or its authorised representative) needs to sign to declare that their products comply with the requirements from the European Union. By signing this declaration, the manufacturer takes full responsibility for the product's compliance with the applicable EU law.

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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Safety Datasheets provide detailed information on product supplies relating to the health & safety aspects of their use and disposal.
Use the SDS Database to search for supplies related to your product.

IT Eco Declarations

Ricoh publicly discloses product environmental information in its “Eco Declaration” which includes but is not limited to chemicals, electromagnetic compatibility and safety regulations, materials, packaging and energy safety regulations, materials, packaging and energy efficiency. 
Our IT Eco Declarations per model are available here.

Blue Angel Mark compliant products

The Blue Angel, the world’s first ecolabel, has set high standards for a large variety of eco-friendly products and services. The Blue Angel mark sets high standards for environmentally friendly product design and is considered as a reliable guide for more sustainable consumption.
Find out more about the certificates and the Blue Angel product information sheets here.

Static Shock and Ricoh Products

Ricoh’s Quality Assurance Center has investigated reports that some users of Ricoh MFPs have experienced an electric shock during use. It has been found that the cause is “Electrical Static Shock” which is harmless to humans. We have shared a number of tips on how users can reduce the chance of receiving static shocks.

Learn more about how to reduce static shock here.

WEEE Information for Recyclers

In compliance to the WEEE directive requirements, and to provide more detailed information and the answers to questions about dismantling Ricoh products, please visit the WEEE Recycle Information database.
You will need to login or create a new user account to access the WEEE Recycle Information Database.

Substances of Concern in Ricoh products

Ricoh Group’s Green Procurement Standards specifies substances that are prohibited to be contained in Ricoh products and product packaging delivered to customers other than the exemptions allowed by the authorities. Ricoh requests all suppliers not to be contained the prohibited substances in their parts and materials delivered to Ricoh accordingly.  This Environmental Specification is integrated into Ricoh’s design guideline requirements, and product development processes.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) manages the REACH regulation 1907/2006, including the candidate list of substances of very high concern (SVHC), and Annex XVII listing restricted substances. Article 33 of REACH requires a supplier of articles containing a listed candidate SVHC in a concentration above 0.1% weight by weight (w/w) to provide the recipient with sufficient information, available to the supplier, to allow safe use of the article including, as a minimum the name of that substance.  

Some Ricoh products may contain articles which use SVHCs and all of these products are safe for use when used as intended, and in accordance with the applicable usage instructions. All Ricoh products that contain SVHCs more than 0.1% by weight announced by ECHA effective up to the date of this declaration have been loaded into the SCIP database  effective from January 5, 2021 onwards. Please consult the database for specific information on which SVHCs are present in which products. Products labelled with the Blue Angel Mark generally do not contain SVHC in housings, housing parts, toners or inks. Exceptions may apply in accordance with the Blue Angel criteria.  

All Ricoh supply products for Office Print products do not contain any Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) more than 0.1% by weight announced by ECHA effective up to the date of this declaration. For professional inks please refer to the Safety Data Sheets portal.
Please read our REACH statement here.

Sustainability and the Workplace

We value and emphasize technologies that help our customers lower costs while driving sustainability for our future. With the right partner, processes and technology, you can take charge over your environmental impact while giving your people the tools they need to do their jobs well. 
Whether your goal is to reduce energy expenditure or to simply work more efficiently, you can have confidence that Ricoh devices allow you to address business challenges in a sustainable way — without sacrificing productivity.

Our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Discover how we are taking action to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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