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Corporate social responsibility

As a global company, Ricoh has a stake in all the communities we operate in. The vision of our founder, Kiyoshi Ichimura – to ‘innovate on behalf of our customers and to pursue sustainable business practices on behalf of every life we touch’ - echoes throughout our business today. We view business, society and the planet as interconnected. Our Three P’s approach – the balance of Planet, People and Profit - represents our philosophy for a sustainable society and is ingrained in our corporate values and integrated into the heart of our organisation.

Our Group CSR charter

As global corporate citizens, our aim is to excel in understanding and responding to the expectations of all stakeholders within the communities our business touches. The Ricoh Group CSR Charter, established in 2003, focuses on four key areas:

1. Integrity in corporate activities
To develop and provide useful, reliable, high quality products and services while maintaining information security and environmental sustainability. To compete fairly, openly and freely and retain healthy relationships with governments, citizens and organisations in our operating regions.

2. Harmony with the environment
To engage in ongoing activities to preserve the environment and implement technological innovations that reflect environmental concerns. You can read more about our environmental sustainability strategy on our Environment page.

3. Respect for people
To maintain a safe, cheerful working environment free from discrimination where employees can express autonomy and creativity and easily perform their duties. To be intolerant of any infringement on human rights.

4. Harmony with society
To respect the culture and customs of the region and actively engage in activities that contribute to society and the region’s development. To engage in communication with the community and provide proper and unbiased disclosure of corporate information.

Download our Group CSR Charter

Community initiatives

We see community investment as more than simply donating money, and we actively encourage both the companies within the Group and individual employees to support local communities with time, skills and expertise. Here are some examples of our initiatives in South Africa: 

Ricoh Imagine Change Challenge

Charity cycling tour organised by and for employees of Ricoh EMEA

The Love Of Christ Ministries

TLC is committed to aid any baby that has been abandoned or orphaned.

The Ricoh Pumas

The Ricoh Pumas is a developmental wheelchair basketball team.


Mandeville is the flagship facility for disabled athletes in South Africa.

Ricoh Athletics Club

The RAC enables Ricoh runners to participate in national races.


Want to know more?

If you want to know more about our CSR vision and strategies, please visit our global website.