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Ricoh South Africa Social Responsibility

Ricoh’s corporate social programmes are aimed at empowering South Africans who are disadvantaged, whether physically, financially or socially. We invest in these people in order to be part of the movement that is building up South Africa. Read more about each initiative we support.

The Love of Christ Ministries

Established in 1993, TLC is committed to come to the aid of any baby that has been abandoned or orphaned, irrespective of their race or HIV status. TLC believes every child has the right to a loving family, and is committed to finding a home for all the children in its care.

Since its inception, TLC has cared for and enabled the placement of over 700 babies, some through adoption, and a small percentage have even been reunited with their biological parents. The Jarvis family has adopted those children who have not managed to be placed in adoptive homes.

TLC employs both permanent staff and relies on volunteers who assist in the education and supervision of the babies in its care.

Ricoh and TLC

Since becoming involved with TLC, Ricoh has hosted Christmas and Easter parties for the children and donated toys and clothing, helping to improve their self-esteem and quality of life. Ricoh purchases groceries that are delivered directly to TLC and has implemented a cooking programme where staff go in teams and cook one meal for all living at the home.

Ricoh has invested in the Sustainable Farm project which aims to provide all of TLC’s food needs, assist them in becoming a self sustainable entity, to offer opportunities for the children to learn skills, and to produce enough to provide a small income to cover some costs.

Ricoh assisted in revitalising the TLC website, which aims to promote awareness and encourage both local and international financial contributions.

Contact TLC
Tel: 083 382 0603

Ricoh Athletics Club

Four Ricoh staff members who regularly take part in races and marathons throughout South Africa initiated the Ricoh Athletics Club in March 2010. RAC received its affiliation through Central Gauteng Athletics and the club has 28 full-time members, and four committee members who ensure that all matters of the club are handled appropriately

RAC provides its members with a full running strip, tracksuit and running license as well as entries into races and in some cases transport and refreshments. In the case of large international marathons, the top achievers in the club receive full sponsorship to take part in the live televised events such as The Comrades Marathon in KZN and The Two Ocean’s Marathon in Cape Town.

The club encourages a healthy lifestyle and provides competitive opportunities that its largely underprivileged members might not otherwise have had.

Ricoh and RAC

Ricoh is the sole sponsor of the RAC and is also currently the office automation supplier of Central Gauteng Athletics. We assist with the sponsorship of water points at races such as the 702 Discovery Walk the Talk, The Comrades Marathon and The Two Ocean’s Marathon.

Currently all members of the RAC and the four committee members are Ricoh employees. This opens doors for those individuals who wish to improve their skillset and gain knowledge on how to run a club.


Joss Radebe
Tel: 011 284 3921

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