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Healthcare Infographic Image Patients are increasingly taking control of their own health and calling for the sector to become more proactive in prevention rather than cure. This, coupled with the need for healthcare institutions to increase efficiency while reducing costs, is placing increased pressure on hospitals to operate more like businesses.  

This echoes research findings from The Economist Intelligence Unit*, sponsored by Ricoh. These findings identified that only 5% of healthcare professionals feel they should be spending time managing patient records while 38% of healthcare executives say different systems across their organisations are not connected.

Therefore, healthcare institutions are seeking partners to assist them in cutting through the complexities behind their information processes. The effects of which will assist in making medical information more accessible, by reducing admin heavy processes that take staff away from patient care.  

* Economist Intelligence Unit, Humans and Machines: The role of people in technology-driven organisations, sponsored by Ricoh, 2013

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Ricoh's healthcare capabilities


Healthcare Success Stories and Case Studies

  • Ziekenhuis Nij Smellinghe

    A Dutch hospital wanted to improve efficiencies around the records associated with its 175,000 annual outpatients. Ricoh's eRecord Connect solution digitised all medical.

  • USP & QUIRON Hospital Group

    USP Hospital Group generated more than 20 million paper-based medical records every year. Ricoh helped the group migrate from paper-based processes to an Electronic.

  • Vlietland Hospital

    A Dutch hospital wanted to reduce its administrative overheads. Ricoh implemented its eRecord Connect solution to digitise patient records.

  • Mathias-Spital Rheine

    Ricoh's G700SE digital cameras have helped the Mathias-Spital Rheine hospital to digitise its image documentation process, allowing photos to be uploaded easily, and automatically assigned to patient records using unique barcodes.

  • Jeroen Bosch Hospital

    Ricoh's Patient Workflow Management enables patients to self-register or check themselves in, allowing visitors easy access to all the logistical details they need for their hospital stay.


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